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August 29, 2011

Long-Time Construction Partners Announce Formation of

PORTLAND, OR: O’Neill Electric, Inc. and Walsh Construction Co. have announced the formation of O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders, LLC. The formal partnership is the extension of an existing 10-year business relationship, will build on both companies’ strengths and will provide opportunities to offer expanded services to new and existing clients.

Maurice Rahming, President of O’Neill Electric, Inc., and Bob Walsh, President of Walsh Construction Co., will co-manage O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders, LLC.

“O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders will be a leader in ensuring that the diversity in the construction industry will grow to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we build,” said Rahming. “We share a desire to continuously increase diversity within our workforces and our subcontractor pool, and to increase the capacity of diverse businesses.”
O’Neill and Walsh have joined forces on over 20 projects with a total construction value of $100 million. In the last seven years, O’Neill, an MBE/DBE certified firm in Oregon and Washington, has expanded its operations from an electrical contractor to include general contracting work. Walsh’s years of general contracting experience will help O’Neill learn the skills to compete for and build larger general construction projects. At the same time, O’Neill’s strong ties in the minority contracting community will increase Walsh’s outreach capabilities and their access to diverse subcontractors, and will provide opportunities to improve their mentoring efforts.

“The timing for a formal partnership is perfect,” said Walsh. “This is the direct reflection of our own values and of what we’ve heard from our clients: community involvement on projects is important to owners. Building on the capacity of historically disadvantaged firms over the long term has become an integral part of building buildings. “

O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders is also a reflection of the two companies’ shared philosophical approach to the betterment of the community.

“Combining our forces is logical,” explained Rahming. “We know each other well, we have a similar approach to business, and complementary skills. Together, we are a formidable team.”
O’Neill Electric, Inc. and Walsh Construction Co. will retain their individual, separate businesses; there will be no change to the operations, ownership or management of either company.

O’Neill Electric, Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and has developed an outstanding reputation in general contracting, electrical work, and construction safety and controls.

Walsh Construction Co., formed in 1961 and incorporated in 1974, is a general contractor specializing in affordable mixed-use, multi-unit, special needs and student housing as well as education buildings, building renovation and historic preservation.

O’Neill/Walsh Community Builders, LLC
4444 SE 27th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

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